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This year I quit my job and decided to travel the world.


As a girl who has never spent more than two weeks away from home and went to uni just an hours drive away, this was a huge decision for me.



Growing up in a family who live within a mile radius of you means that you always have a huge support network around. My family and friends are never more than a stones throw away. I have never really known any different and I love it! 


So, travelling halfway across the world feels like the biggest contradiction to my homebird ways. I know that there will be days where I wonder what on earth I was thinking but it’s something that I want to do more than anything and I hope I will learn more about myself, challenge myself and grow into a stronger person as I go.  


The homebird’s guide to feeling the fear but doing it anyway:


If you too are a homebird and feel like flying the nest to explore what the big wide world has to offer… but keep talking yourself out of it, then start with a leaf from this guide.


#1: Embrace the voice

That voice in your head that says “travel goals” or “I wish I was there” or even bubbles up with excitement whilst scrolling through other traveller’s instagram pics… recognise that voice? Yup, that’s the one telling you what you want, where you should be and what you want to do. DON’T IGNORE THAT VOICE! For a long time I put that voice in a little box, but it just kept on piping up again. Embrace that voice. Listen to what it is telling you. For me, this was probably the most important part of the whole process – listen to what you want.


#2: Make a plan

This is the fun part! The key is to define exactly what it is that you want. Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? Is it short city breaks, an extended holiday in the sun, a gap year style travel experience or a complete lifestyle change that you are after? Work out what exactly it is that you want to achieve. Create a mood board, pin it, write a list or even draw some pictures if that’s how you roll.



#3: Set a timeframe

Not every voice that pops into your head saying “get on that flight” is going to be achievable overnight so set a realistic timeframe to get yourself saved up and ready to go. I decided in January that I would be leaving my job by August which gave me 6 months to save, save, save!

If you know that you have enough money and time to go on the luxurious summer beach holiday that you’ve been dreaming of or if you know that realistically you’re gonna have to cram in some extra shifts then plan for that and incorporate it into a timeframe but give yourself a goal date – you CAN do this!


#4: Ignore the “other” voice

You know that voice that piped up in the first place? Yea, its arch enemy might chip in around this time telling you “NO”. I had massive doubts that I was doing the wrong thing and that maybe I shouldn’t leave my job, leave my home or leave my family and instead just continue on with being comfortable with everything.

You might even try and talk yourself out of the whole thing with excuses. A BIG one is the old “I can’t afford it” excuse, closely followed by the “when I’s” which sound something like this “When I’ve got the money I’ll go”, “When I have……..” and if I’m honest, you can fill in the blank with whatever on earth takes your fancy but truth is, it’s just another excuse. I get it  that sometimes things crop up or life surprises us in unexpected ways so you have to be really sure with what it is you want. This is the reason that step #2 and #3 are so vital!

At this point I had to go back to my mood board and really look at it.  I realised that if I wanted to see all of these beautiful places, challenge myself and potentially change my lifestyle that my original voice was the one who would have to win this battle.  Just a warning – for me there was more than one round of this fight so make sure your game plan and timeframe are strong!


#5: Get booking

This stage may come earlier if you’ve managed to save enough money to book your flights or accommodation or your choice of both – whichever follows through with your original plan. This is where things started to peak levels of fear for me! Don’t get me wrong, I was so excited to finally be at the booking phase but I vividly remember getting an awful headache and stomach ache as I sat opposite the travel advisor whilst choosing my best flight options. The nerves had kicked in and I got really worried about the whole thing. I had to leave the travel agents, go for a short walk, drink some water and splash my face before strolling back in to finalise and pay for everything. The poor travel agent must’ve thought I was crazy!

I was amazed that I’d managed to get to this point without aborting the whole plan, running back to my car and asking for my job back!

Flights booked and paid for – ready to go!


#6: Get on that plane

All the hard work is done and the final thing to do is get on the flight out of here ready to start your travelling adventures.

Now, I’m going to be super honest because this is my next step too…


Find out in mid September if I manage to take the final plunge!


I hope this has helped you to take the first or your next steps to flying the nest and challenging yourself to break out of your comfortable homebird ways!

 Good Luck,



If  you enjoyed this post or have any words of wisdom for me in my “Get on that Plane”  stage please comment and share.