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Barcelona, a beautiful city full of culture.



Barcelona is a mesmerizing city and I would highly recommend taking a trip there. Sometimes though, there are just so many things to see and places to go in such a short space of time that it’s impossible to do it all.


To help you find the best spots I have compiled a list of my Top Five things to do in Barcelona.

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# 1 Park Güell

This is number 1 because it was hands down my favourite place in Barcelona. It was just so breathtakingly beautiful how the architecture was intertwined with nature.  If you love walking around and taking in beautiful scenery then this needs to be on your list.

When I visited I went to the free parts of the park because there was so much to explore and take in in this area I didn’t buy a ticket to go to the other parts of the park but if you want to have complete unrestricted access then you can get a ticket and check out the opening times online.

There were also lots of musicians performing in the park which gave it an extra sparkle. This duo were incredible. Such beautiful music!


# 2 Jardins del Mirador

This place was absolutely stunning! To find these gardens we had to get our trek on but if you love a walk with a view, this one is for you. If walking is not on your agenda but beautiful views are, you can still enjoy the Jardins del Mirador by jumping on one of the busses which stopped near this spot.

When we got to this beautiful waterfall feature I was blown away because despite its immense size it was hidden behind trees and we very nearly missed it! It was such a peaceful spot to sit and take in the views, listen to the flowing water and enjoy the sunshine.

# 3 Castell de Montjuic

Just an 8 minute walk from Jardins del Mirador, this beautiful castle is definitely worth a visit. You can walk around the castle walls and explore at your own leisure! At 713 metres above the port it is an absolute must see for fantastic views of the city.

Another must see for those of you who are in LOVE with views and don’t mind paying a small admission price that’s definitely worth it according to little old me.

If your aim is to travel on a budget and you HATE to pay admission fees then lucky for you there is a little saving grace. The castle is FREE to visit on Sundays after 3pm and free on the first Sunday of the month.

Check out their website for opening times and the most up to date admission prices.

#4 Sagrada Família

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to go inside this magnificent church, but the walk around the outside was incredible. There was so much to see, so many beautiful details and it was overwhelming to experience. I couldn’t believe that work on the church started in the 1800’s and its still going to this very day to create Gaudí’s amazing vision.

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#5 Santa Maria del Pi

Of all the churches that I visited in Barcelona this one was by far my favourite. I don’t know whether it was the cute little cats who seemed like they lived there, or the absolutely stunning architecture both on the inside and outside of the church, but this one really struck a chord with me!

The church boasts some absolutely stunning statues and the stain glass windows are truly, truly beautiful when the sun shines through!

I took so many pictures of this beautiful church because I kept saying to myself “my nan would absolutely LOVE it here!”.


Sorry for the crazy amount of pictures for this one but I think you can see how much I enjoyed it! It is 100% worth a visit and I definitely recommend seeing these colourful stain glass windows with your own eyes. I just paid admission when I got there for this church but if you want to check the opening times and prices then take a look at their website.

Thanks for checking out my Top Five must sees. I hope they have given you some travel inspo for your trip to Barcelona.

Enjoy your travels,


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Let me know if you get to visit my Top Five and tell me what you thought in the comments. 


  1. I’ve never been to Barcelona but it’s on my bucket list! Great post, this will make it easier to plan my trip when I get there one day 🙂 x

  2. I can’t wait to get to Barcelona now and see all five of these sites. I walked the Camino and fell in love with Spain.

  3. Excellent post! Now I REALLY want to go! Your photos are phenomenal.

  4. We loved this blog post! So informative. We will have to safe it so whenever we go to Barcelona, we will have a good staring point.

  5. Jardins del Mirador looks amazing!! I’m not sure when I will be back to Barcelona but I have definitely made a mental note.

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