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Have you spent the day exploring the beauty of Pai and fancy kicking back to enjoy the rest of the evening? Or, have you heard about this magical place and wondered what the night scene is like?

If this sounds like you, then this post is a must read! Whether it’s a chilled out drink or a fun-fuelled fiesta, find out where to head when night falls. 


#1 Walking Street Night Market

The walking street in Pai is a great place to go if you fancy an evening stroll and a little bit of shopping. You can find a collection of clothes, bags and souvenirs in the shops and being sold on the side of the street too.

If you’re not keen for shopping but have a craving for some tasty snacks and food then this is an awesome place to start. Sushi, spring rolls, shakes and pancakes can all be purchased street-side from the local vendors. Flavoursome Thai dishes, including my personal favourite Pad Thai, and a small selection of western food like bruschetta can also be found on the walking street.

We tried “Grandma’s” pancakes whilst we were out one night and if you’re looking for a sweet treat I would definitely recommend them. Beautifully presented in a banana leaf box and covered with Nutella these little pancakes were to die for.  Although, maybe share between two because we had 10 pancakes each (Dutch style!) and halfway through realised that it was a massive portion. We still soldiered through though!

#2 Spirit Bar 

Situated on Walking Street, this is a great bar to stop into on the way back from grabbing some street food or after doing a spot of shopping. The hippy vibe in this place is beautifully combined with UV lighting, a secret garden and live music to create the perfect atmosphere.

We were very well looked after in this bar and the staff were so friendly. They even showed us up to the rooftop where we could enjoy our drinks under a blanket of stars whilst still enjoying the sound of a Bob Marley cover.  A must visit if you’re in need of a chilled out scene.

#3 Sunset Bar

Fitted with its own pool and famous for it’s mushroom shakes, neither of which we indulged in, this place is a cool little hang out when the sun goes down. Although we missed the sunset here, it would be a beautiful spot to sit and welcome dusk.

Scattered with bean bags and pillows the area by the pool invites travellers to sit, unwind, relax and watch the last rays of the day disappear.

#4 Yellow Sun Bar

Once the crowds at sunset bar start to dwindle, the next place to hit is yellow sun bar. After all that sitting and chilling you’re probably going to be good for one of two things: bed or boogie. If you’re ready for the latter then this is the place to be. Full of like-minded backpackers, you’ll have a great time dancing the early hours away.

#5 Don’t Cry Bar

If you’re still not done then don’t cry… there is still more party in Pai. Walk past this bar early on in the night and it looks like a ghost town, completely deserted, with the exception of the bar staff who seemed to me like they had been waiting for something to happen there for days. However, if you head back after you’ve hit the other bars, it is buzzing and brimming with people having a good time. It was then that I realised the bar staff were just saving up their energy for the charming and charismatic performance they would need to put on for their customers in the early hours.

This bar is renowned for staying open the latest so if you’re looking for the party in the early hours head here! We weren’t awake enough to hack it out until close but it was pretty late when we left and there were still people dancing, getting their face decorated with UV paint and queing up at the bar for their next Tiger.


I hope that you enjoyed hearing about these 5 places to head during the night-time in Pai. Whether it’s a spot of quiet shopping or a full-blown night out then there is something for everyone in this list.


If you want to find out more about where to head in the day time check out my previous post A SLICE OF PAI: DAYS.


Happy travels boys and girls.