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Based on their innovative selling technique, I think you might conclude that yes, yes it is…

This one is for all you animal loving travellers.

I’ve seen so many selling techniques, strategies and tactics in South East Asia and truth be told, lots of vendors have the same products. Oftentimes, unless I actually want to buy the product in the first place, shouting “cheap cheap” at me probably isn’t going to make a sale.

Although, one tuk-tuk driver offering a “free massage” made us consider getting a ride we didn’t need. Hearing this originality which contrasted to the usual “tuk-tuk today?” then “tuk-tuk tomorrow?”, definitely made us stop, even if it was just to laugh. This selling tactic comes second to the all time BEST, most effective technique I have seen in South East Asia:


Wait, what? Yea, that’s right. The secret to success is in free beer and puppies!

Now, I’m no business graduate or marketing master but I saw this technique in the fish foot spa in Cambodia and my gosh, it got us hook, line and sinker! Along with lots of other tourists too.

The ingenious owners of this one fish foot spa clearly knew something the others didn’t. People like free drinks and people like cute puppies.

I didn’t even want a foot massage, in fact the thought of a school of fish munching their way through the dead skin on my feet freaked me out completely but I did it anyway and bought into their service. Why? Because I got a free drink and a cuddle with the cutest puppy I have ever seen. Surprisingly, whilst cuddling this cute little ball of fluff I got used to the weird sensation of my feet being in the tank. In the end it was great and I actually enjoyed my fish spa and would consider getting one again!

Marketing MASTERS 🙌.

The owners also have a scheme where as the puppies get older they sell them to locals as pets so that the pups have a loving home to live in for the rest of their lives. Happy pups, happy owners, happy customers.

So, there you have it, if you’re an entrepreneur then take note. The sure-fire way to get customers to buy your product or service, even if they didn’t want it? Puppy cuddles and beer. Andrex were definitely onto something! DISCLAIMER- any money lost during trials of this technique cannot be claimed back from me… but I am pretty sure you’ll be happy with your puppy and beer so it’s a win win all round 👍.

If you find yourself in Siem Reap, Cambodia and think you might be interested in a fish foot spa then definitely head to Sok San Road, opposite Pub Street. Take a short wander down the road and you’re guaranteed to spot it next to the Khmer taste restaurant. They give you an amazing service, are super friendly and are chilled about how long you spend there too. Plus, The whole experience was only $2. Enjoy your puppy hugs! 🐶

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Money back, foot spa and puppies? Now that’s worth posting about!