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Many of you will have heard “Bali” and “volcano” in the same sentence a lot over the last few weeks because of the Mount Agung eruptions. So today, I want to share a different story with you, one that will make you want to stop whatever it is that you’re planning to do today and book a flight to Bali or at least consider it as your next holiday destination because when they say it’s paradise… they aren’t joking.

Bali had been on my list since before I made my travel plan. It sounds exotic and dreamy and the Instagram photos I saw gave me so much wanderlust that I couldn’t travel to the other side of the world and miss out this little gem. So, when we first heard about the imminent volcano eruptions I continued to put my energy into positive thoughts about it because there was NO WAY I was missing it.

Lucky enough, it worked. We got our flight from Thailand with no problems. My boyfriend got his flight from the UK the following day and was on one of the last planes to arrive at Denpasar Airport before they had to close it because of the volcanic ash. We had all made it and were safely reunited in Ubud, 50km away from Mount Agung.

Despite the airport closure, we still managed to have an absolutely amazing time in Bali and I would recommend it to anyone. Here are my 4 reasons you should get on a plane and head to beautiful Bali:


Understandably, this is probably the thing that scares or puts most people off when booking their trip to Bali, but from the experience I had in Ubud and Kuta, Bali was still safe to visit.

The locals were continuing their daily lives as normal on the volcanic island, so we followed by example and carried on our trip too, without any worry about the volcano. That said, we did have to check our flights to make sure that they were still running and all was in order.

At present, as long as you stay outside of the designated danger zones, the government are still encouraging tourists to visit Bali and promote it as a safe place to holiday.


In Ubud, we were lucky enough to stay in an amazing villa where the owner stopped by each day to check in with us and to make offerings.

The villa was such good value for money and the space was calm and remote. We were a short drive away from town but that was okay because we managed to get a taxi service from the villa just down the road. If this remote little spot at The Villa Sun with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and your own private pool sounds appealing to you then you can book online at Airbnb. If you’re new to Airbnb then you can use this link to get £25 off your first booking.


Everyone we met in Bali had a friendly manner, a smile on their face and they were always willing to help.

As I mentioned before, we were lucky enough to find ourselves a reliable driver at the guest house just down the road, called Coco Alami Guest House. He taxied us into town for our supermarket trips and evening meals but also did two day trips with us, as well as taking us to our second accommodation in Kuta.

If you find yourself in Ubud I highly recommend checking out the Airbnb, The Villa Sun, that we stayed in or the Coco Alami Guest Houseas we had such an amazing time and were treated so kindly.

Walking around the temples and the Monkey Forest Duriyana, our taxi driver, told us about the Balinese culture, Hindu beliefs and gave us an insight into the lives of the locals. He also gave us two recommendations for places to eat, neither of which failed to impress us. The staff were always highly professional, curtious and made us feel welcome.


Bali is a tourist centred island and as Duriyana so beautifully put it, “Bali is for everyone”. This means that much of the economy is based on tourism and without tourism a large percentage of income is lost for people who work in the tourist sector.

There is so much to do and see in Bali and we jam-packed our days full of amazing experiences. One of my favourite days was visiting Bali Swing, the Rice Terraces, Temple Turta Empul and Gunning Kawi Temple. We managed to get up early and had a full day of sightseeing. I loved the diversity, no two places gave us the same experience which made the day one of my absolute favourites so far on my travels.

During our time in Bali we visited as many tourist attractions as we could and tried out as many different restaurants and bars as possible because there were so few tourists around.

Feeling overwhelmed by all of the activities and have a more relaxing holiday in mind? Bali has that covered too with it’s beautiful beaches and bars. There truly is something for everyone on this little paradise island.

If you’ve already booked your tickets to Bali and are wondering what to do and where to eat, or if you want more info on the attractions and temples that I’ve listed, then keep your eyes peeled for my next Bali blog; BALI: TOP TOURIST TO DO’S.

It was so heartbreaking for us to see the lengths and efforts that locals and tourism workers went to everyday, setting up stalls and restaurants, laying tables and decorating them beautifully only to serve a handful of customers and have to clear away place mats that hadn’t even been touched by a customer. It’s safe, it’s stunning and there is so much to do which means there is no reason why Bali should be so deserted.

So… if you feel like you need an amazing holiday then grab as many friends as possible and head to Bali for an incredible, unforgettable experience.

Let’s get Bali busstling!


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